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Yes! It's another wonderful day for that special person in your life and you want to send him or her some Islamic birthday duas... If so, get inspired by the collection of Muslim birthday duas on this page.

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Islamic Birthday Duas in English

Best Dua Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Duas for a lover

Islamic Birthday Duas in English

Yes, well writtenIslamic Birthday Duas in Englishfor someone who means so much to you. The Best Birthday Duas for a Muslim Brother or Sister.

1. May Allah continue to bless you and yours. Happy birthday, with endless wishes from me.

2. May Allah continue to bless you with His divine love beyond this day. Happy Birthday.

3. I pray that Allah will give you enough strength and resources for the tasks ahead. Happy Birthday

4. May Allah continue to grant you new years of love and mercy. You are celebrated! Happy Birthday.

5. May Allah keep your soul clean from the filthiness of the world and give you the strength to stay clean forever. Happy Birthday.

6. Sending you warm wishes filled with Allah's gift of life and abundance. Enjoy your birthday.

7. May Allah give you plenty of resources to do your part to make the world a better place for us all. Happy Birthday.

8. Even if Allah will not make your challenges less, I pray that He will give you the strength to face them. Happy Birthday.

9. May this new year given by Allah be another one to share the joy of life with all who need it. Happy Birthday.

10. I bring you good news for more fulfilling years. May Allah bless you on this special day and beyond. Happy Birthday!

11. Beyond your imagination and dua may Allah bless you on this day and beyond. Happy Birthday.

12. I pray that your life will be blessed with undeserved prosperity from Allah. Happy Birthday dear.

13. May Allah bless you with infinite moments of joy beyond your daily duas and struggles. Happy Birthday.

14. With happiness that lasts a lifetime and surprises that call for celebration, Allah will fill your life. Happy Birthday my friend.

15. Count your blessings, it's another moment to thank Allah for years well spent. Happy birthday, dear friends.

Best Dua Happy Birthday

Here is the cute collection of Best Dua for Birthday. Enjoy it.

16. Beyond your aspirations, may Allah shower you with His blessings today and beyond.Happy Birthday from a heart that cares.

17. It's another day for the happiest and most famous person I know. All thanks to Allah for everything. Happy Birthday.

18. May Allah's blessings rain upon you and all that is yours on this special day and forever. Happy Birthday.

19. Beyond your hopes and dreams, I pray that Allah will bless you for me. Happy birthday, my friend of life!

20. May Allah continue to crown your efforts with enviable success. It's your birthday, so celebrate it in a big way!

21. Many happy returns this day to my favorites! May Allah bless you for me. I love you.

22. May today be another reminder of Allah's infinite guidance for your life. Happy birthday, darling.

23. My sincere wishes go to someone blessed by Allah forever. happy birthday from me

24. I am thankful for Allah's blessings of a wonderful friend that you are. I celebrate you, dearest friend. Happy Birthday.

25. This is Allah's doing and it is wonderful in our eyes. Happy birthday from all of us.

26. I always look forward to seeing your birthday because you are more than special to me. May Allah bless this day forever.

27. I think of Allah's generosity when I think of your place in my life. I can't thank you enough. Happy Birthday.

28. This day reminds me of the joy that filled my heart when we met. You are so Beautiful. Thank you and happy birthday.

29. May Allah's generous hands be upon you today and forever.happy birthday from me.

30. I would like to take this opportunity to announce that you are unique to me. May Allah bless your birthday.

31. It is another wonderful moment and I pray that Allah will continue to bless you with such things. Happy Birthday.

32. Go all out and make the most of your birthday. You are Allah's darling! Happy Birthday.

33. It's your birthday, enjoy it to the fullest. Allah has blessed you, so bask in the knowledge!

34. This day is a special day to give thanks to Allah for the gift of life. I join you in doing this. Happy Birthday.

35. Your birthday is a gift from Allah and it must be cherished, loved and cherished. Enjoy his bliss!

36. May Allah bless you with wisdom, knowledge and understanding to lead a happy life. Happy Birthday.

37. I pray that Allah will bless you with the prosperity that defies struggle. Happy Birthday.

38. May Allah bless you with all the essential elements of a fulfilling life. happy birthday from me

39. A birthday is the first day of a brand new year for everyone. May Allah give you everything you need for the next 365 days.

40. You are another proof of Allah's mercy to the world. happy birthday from me

41. Happy birthday dear. May this day usher in the answers to your cherished desires, Inshallah.

42. Today is the beginning of another year of Allah's loving kindness towards you. Happy Birthday!

43. With long life and prosperity, Allah will bless you on that day and beyond. Have a wonderful birthday.

44. My sincere prayer to Allah is that on this day you will be blessed beyond what you desire. Happy Birthday!

45. All thanks to Allah for another year well spent. I wish you many more years of health and prosperity. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Duas for a lover

Does your lover deserve some Happy Birthday Duas? Then choose one of the Islamic Happy Birthday Duas for lovers below.

46. ​​I counted my luck and found that it was Allah's believers to have found such an angel as you. Happy birthday, sweety.

47. Today I pray to Allah that he brings us together and makes us inseparable that we celebrate every day as if it were our birthday. Happy birthday from your love.

48. My life is blessed to have you and I am forever indebted to Allah for bringing you my way. happy birthday my love

49. I am grateful to Allah that I found the one I ever wanted and I celebrate with you on this day. Happy birthday, darling.

50. I don't deserve your love but for Allah's goodwill you came to be my be-all and end-all. Your birthday means a lot to me, honey. I love you.

51. I look back to see how lucky I am to have a wonderful lover like you. It was Allah's favor all along! Happy birthday to the world's best.

52. From the bottom of my heart I say a big thank you to Allah for making you see another birthday. Enjoy it. I love you.

53. Happy birthday, soul mate. My gratitude goes to Allah for showing you my way. Enjoy your day.

54. You are the proof that Allah really loves me. I celebrate you today as I will for the rest of my life. Happy birthday, my heart.

55. Since you loved me and cared for me, may your days be long and forever in Allah's favor book. happy birthday my love

56. I pray that Allah grants you outstanding unceasing peace, rejuvenating health and abundant wealth to enjoy together forever. happy birthday my love

57. I found my missing piece in you and got everything I needed in a lover. May Allah bless you forever for me! Happy Birthday.

58. This text is a reminder that you are Allah's best gift to me. May your days be long. Happy birthday from the one you love!

59. In health and wealth shall you celebrate your birthdays forever. Allah is behind you, my dear! Happy birthday from me.

60. On this special occasion, I pray that Allah grants your heart's desires and blesses you beyond measure. Happy birthday darling!

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