Marriage Dua | Marriage Vaz Law (2023)

    1. Astaghfirullah two married

      this is powerfulAstaghfirullah married twoIt's easy to do. As we all know, God is the most forgiving. He likes to forgive. As you keep asking ALLAH for forgiveness, he will forgive your sins and open doors to new destiny for you. By reciting it a lot, and makingmarriage duetYou will find a good partner in no time.

    2. authentic marriage duo

      The society does not allow you to stay in peace and stability when you reach the peak of marriage. If some obstacle prevents you from attending your wedding, perform authentic Quran Quran &marriage duetbe successful. Chapter 60 - Surah Mumtahina is a famous recitation for marriage. Recite 7 times to pray for marriage. Do it non-stop for 41 consecutive days.

    3. Dua e Noor married

      The Almighty ALLAH is declared in Surah Noor as:

      "And command the unmarried among you to marry your worthy slaves; if they are poor, God will make them rich by His bounty; Allah is Almighty and All-Knowing.

      Those who cannot marry must remain chaste until Allah graciously provides them with resources; and your maids, who ask you for letters of freedom in order to earn some money-if you think they have some merits, give them They write letters; and help them in their careers with the wealth that Allah has given you; do not force your maidservants into dirty jobs while they want to save themselves to earn some wealth in worldly life; if anyone forces them, then Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. "

      Marry the righteous of the days among you and your slaves, men and women. If they are poor, Allah will make them rich by His Grace. he is broad and knowledgeable

      And let those who cannot find marriage abstain from wine until God makes them rich in His grace. If you know them, write them down and give them some of the wealth God has given you, don't force your girls into prostitution. If they want to protect themselves, they will seek the benefits of life in this world. forgiveness and mercy

      "Wa ankihul ayamaa minkumus saali min 'ibadikum wa ima'kum; Iny-yakaonoo poora'a'a yughni hemil lahu min fadlih; Wasi'un'Aleem。
      We have had wedding yasta' fifil until yughniyahumul-laahu is fadlih; I have not forgotten that this book is a sign of faith, it is like a scholar is a scholar and a good scholar; wa laa tukrihoo fatayaatikum 'alal bighaaa'i in the secular In life; wa mai yukrihhunna fa innal-laaha mim ba'di ikraahihinna Ghafoorur Raheem. "

    4. dua accepting marriage

      If you want to marry someone but your parents or their parents don't accept it then this marriage acceptance duo will melt their heart and get their consent.

      Those who say, "Our Lord, give us the comfort of wives and offspring, that we may be an example of righteousness." Those who endure patiently will be rewarded in the Chamber of Secrets, where they will be greeted and welcomed in peace.

      "We are yaqooloona of Rabbanaa, we are Qurrata of A'yunin and lilmuttaqeena of Imam".

      "Those who pray, 'Our Lord! Give us wives and offspring who will be comfort in our eyes and give us (grace) to lead the righteous.

      Those who persevere will gain the highest places in heaven: therein they will be greeted and at peace. "

      Recite the two verses of Surah Furqan 700 times with Durood at the beginning and end. Then pray to God to accept your marriage.

    5. Marriage Dua according to Sunnah

      Marriage is assimilating non-Islamic cultures at a rapid rate. Marriage according to the Sunnah may seem difficult, but it is not impossible. Few siblings wish to marry in an Islamic manner without involving any sin in the marriage ceremony. But society becomes an obstacle for many families. However, makingmarriage duetWill help you realize your wish. Recite the following verses of the Holy Quran 313 times a day and usetwoFor the early arrival of your marriage.

      Allah, in the name of... most merciful
      [A`sr 103:1] "By the oath of your age (O dear Prophet Muhammad - peace and blessings be upon him)." [A`sr 103:2] "Indeed, indeed, humanity is in loss. [A`sr 103:3] "Except those who accept the faith, and do good works, and exhort each other to the truth—and exhort each other to be patient."

      In the name of God, most merciful, most merciful

      1. Afternoon
      2. People are at a loss.
      3. In addition to doing good by faith, persuading each other with the truth, and persuading each other with ninja.

    6. marriage after divorce

      Most boys in this century have grown very impatient. Impatientness is the main quality of women. But sadly, even men adopt this quality day in and day out. They start the divorce with stupid reasons like if the wife refuses to do their little job or says something to him angrily. On the other hand, very few women would torture a man into divorce. Regardless of the circumstances, if you get divorced, you don't need to be alone for the rest of your life. you can choosemarriage duetafter divorce. Recite Surah Muzammil 21 times and usetwo.Do this every day for 41 consecutive days. By God's will, you'll get a good marriage proposal in no time.

    7. marriage after engagement

      After getting engaged, boys consider taking some time off or looking for other options. But women are not like them. Once a woman is engaged, she wants to get married quickly. Not all men are the same, some want to get married quickly, but their parents may delay collecting money to complete their ceremony. You can recite the followingtwoPray for quick marriage 1000 times.

      "O Almighty ALLAH, make my difficulties easier by your generosity".

    8. Dua Marriage Disorder

      Barriers to marriage can be due to anything. Either because of lack of money. Because of antagonists, jealous people, black magicians or immediate circumstances. One can pray to Allah to make marriage easy. To break down barriers, recite this powerful verse of the Qur'an 900 times a day and pray for marriage.

      Moses said, "The magic you cast, God will nullify it. God will not reconcile the work of the corrupt."

      "Moses' grave will be like her magic with her yubtiluhoo, her yuslihu 'amalal mufsideen'."

      Musa said: "This is what you have brought, it is magic; Allah will now nullify it; in fact, God will not let a prankster succeed."



    9. dua of daughter marriage

      If you are a parent worried about your daughter's marriage, you can perform this ritual. It calls on musk, saffron and rose water as ingredients. Recite Surah Shuara 41 times. Then write on a white paper with musk, saffron and rose water. Submerge the paper thoroughly in water for 10-15 minutes. Then, sprinkle water on your daughter's head. Give her a drink if possible.

    10. Marriage Dua of Your Choice

      marriageWhen you fall in love with someone, your choice is your only dream. But it's not as smooth as it sounds. There may be many obstacles in the middle. Your family, your parents or society may not support you. If you want to get married for the sake of Islam, you can recite Allah's powerful name "Ya Qayyumu" 5000 times and pray for a successful marriage. Do this for at least 41 consecutive days.

    11. sister married dua

      Few thoughtful sisters worry about unmarried sisters. It is good to pray for other Muslims. If you are ready to perform wazifa on behalf of your sisters, recite the powerful name of ALLAH يا جامع (The Gatherer). Imagine your sister is getting married to her partner, repeat 2100 times. then maketwoTo Allah for your sister's marriage. Do it for 11 consecutive days.

    12. dua of son married

      Mothers usually worry about their son's marriage. They have always dreamed of seeing their daughter-in-law as soon as possible, hoping that she can become their helper. They were worried that their son would leave them alone behind his wife. If you want to find a pious and kind girl for your son, you can do this wazifa for your son and pray. Recite Surah Maryam 3 times a day and usetwoAllah.

    13. Dua for marriage RABI inni lima anzalta

      “Rabbi Inni Lima Anzalta min khairin Faqeer” 是twoManufactured by Prophet Mosa (peace be upon him). It means "O my lord! I need the food that you have sent for me." This dua can also be performed for one's marriage. Chant 1111 times a day.

    14. Marriage Reconciliation Dua

      People who were once madly in love will suddenly break up because of some disputes and conflicts. Later they realize the importance of each other. thistwoBecause marital reconciliation helps reunite husband and wife. Recite it 700 times with Durood and pray to ALLAH for peace in married life.

      Bring their hearts together. If you use up everything on earth, you don't bring their hearts together, but God brings them together.

      They are the signs of Quloobihim; law anfaqta maa fil ardi jamee'am maa allafta baina quloobihim wa laakinnallaaha allafa bainahum; his mother was 'Azeezun Hakeem.

      And created harmony in their hearts; and you could not create harmony in their hearts if you had exhausted everything in the earth, but Allah has created harmony among them; indeed He alone is Almighty and Wise.

    15. Dua for Marriage Success

      another powerfultwoA successful marriage looks like this:

      All of them I created in pairs so you can remember. Oh God, for you to say this, for Muhammad, for M's sake, for giving this woman a husband who agrees and does not disapprove. praise be to god

      Allaahumma bih'aqqi Qaulika mother wa bih'aqqi muh'ammadinw wa a'leyy。 一个 Tarzuqa haadhihil maraa-ti zaujam muwaafiqan ghaira mukhaalif。 Bih'aqqi Muhammadin wa Aalihi Ajma'ee's。

    16. Dua to marry a specific person

      Dreaming of marrying a specific person seems wonderful. But in reality, to be successful in it, you face artificial problems. You need to be rich enough to marry the person you want. In addition, you also need to be patient to listen to the teachings of your family and society. If you're not comfortable getting married anywhere other than the person you're interested in, you can do this. Recite Surah Fath 7 times a day and pray to Allah.

    17. Dua marriage is about to happen

      The ritual consists of assembling and producing the recitation of the 6 chapters of the Qur'anmarriage duetIt will happen soon. These chapters are Surah Taha, Shu-ara, Naml, Qasas, Ya Sin and Shura. First recite Durood 11 times, then recite 6 chapters and make dua.

    18. Effective Marriage Duets

      This is Surah Yaseenmarriage duet. Section 36 has to do with marriage. Therefore, recite it 500 times after your Fajr and maketwoFor the early arrival of your marriage.

      "All of this is something that the Earth grows on, themselves, and things they don't know about."

      “Subh'aanalladh'ee khalaqala azwaaja kullahaa mimmaa tumbitul arDu wa min anfusihim wa mimmaa laa ya'lamoon.”

      "Purity belongs to him who created all pairings, from what the earth grows, from themselves, from what they do not know."

    19. very strong marriage duo

      another famoustwoIs to recite Quran Quran for marriage purpose. Recite 41 times. Blow on yourself. Write it down on a piece of white paper. Seal it and tie it around your right arm.

    20. Yalatev proposes

      "Ya Lateefu" is one of the names of the Almighty ALLAH, which means ever discreet gentleness. This is the great quality of God. When you recite it a lot and maketwoYou will be blessed from this special attribute of God. Recite 5,000 times a day to pray for marriage.

    21. Dua marries the one she loves

      ALLAH "Ya Wadudu" "Ya Jamiu" These powerful names are useful for getting you married to your beloved Muslim. Recite the name 2100 times before and after along with durood shareef. then maketwo.With the help of ALLAH, you will marry your loved one in no time.

    22. Dua married immediately

      When a man marries, he saves half his faith. When young people get married, the devil cries. Men usually marry women for one of these reasons: money, beauty, fame or religion. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to marry her and be successful because of her religion.

    23. Barakallahu Lakuma dua 求婚

      This istwoThings to do when congratulating newlyweds. According to Abu Hurayrah (Radiallahua’nhu), the Prophet congratulated a man on his marriage saying:
      May God bless you, bless you, and bring you together in goodness.
      Barakallahu Laka Wa Baraka A'laika Wa Jamaa'a bainakuma fil khair。

      "May Allah bless you, may he bless you. may he unite you.

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