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Microsoft Azurehas grown at an enormous rate since its inception in 2012. According to TechCrunch, in terms of market share, Microsoft Azure grew 9 percent in 2016, 11 percent in 2017, 14 percent in 2018, and 16 percent in the first quarter of 2019. The number of services is also steadily growing; It currently offers around 600+ services. But is it necessary to know all Azure services? Let me help you figure that out in this Azure tutorial!

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This Microsoft Azure tutorial will teach you Azure from the ground up to give you a head start in your Azure cloud career. Azure is a top cloud computing platform that comes from the stables of Microsoft. In this Azure tutorial, you will learn about the architecture of the Azure cloud, different Azure products, and how businesses are harnessing the power of Azure for data processing.Azure storage, database, network and content delivery. Therefore, this tutorial will give you a clear idea of ​​how Azure is revolutionizing the cloud domain.

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What is Microsoft Azure?

First, let's compare Azure to cloud computing leader AWS:

comparison criteriaMicrosoft AzureAmazon Web-Services
user friendlinessGutAverage
Hybrid StrategyExcellentAverage
product rangeLimitedOverwhelming
Windows compatibilityExcellentGut

Azure is Microsoft's flagship cloud service and is one of the fastest growing todayCloud Computing Service. Azure offers pay-as-you-go services in computing, web services, data storage, analytics, networking, content delivery, identity and access management, and even the Internet of Things.

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Why is Microsoft Azure so widespread?

Azure is growing very fast and is trying to bridge the gap between itself and the market leader AWS in the cloud space. There are some distinctive features of Azure that allow the company to grow so rapidly in the cloud space. In this Azure tutorial, we've listed some of the main reasons why Azure is so widely adopted despite being such a late entrant to the cloud domain:

  • Azure offers a very good platform as a service (PaaS) with excellent tools and building blocks.
  • It offers compatibility with .NET programming languages, which is a great advantage.
  • Azure's security and privacy capabilities are unmatched in the cloud space.
  • Azure offers excellent hybrid cloud capabilities and easy migration from on-premises to the cloud.
  • It provides an integrated environment for app development, testing, and deployment in the cloud.
  • You can easily learn Azure and successfully set up an Azure cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure has corporate agreements with Windows users that make it easier for them to migrate to Azure.

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Microsoft Azure capabilities

Here we list some of the key features of Azure that are compelling organizations of all sizes to migrate to Azure cloud infrastructure:

  • Azure Search can be used to embed search functionality into any custom application.
  • Azure ExpressRoute provides a direct connection between the Azure data center and your on-premises environment.
  • Secure, dedicated access to the Redis cache is possible with Azure Redis Cache.
  • With Azure Batch, you can effortlessly run and run your applications like an assembly line.
  • Azure Data Factorylets you work seamlessly on on-premise or cloud infrastructure.
  • Azure Load Balanceris a cloud-based system that accepts client requests, determines which machines in the group can handle them, and then routes those requests to the appropriate machines.

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The best Azure services

Here we list some of the main available Azure services:

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  • Calculation:The computing services offered by Azure are designed to manage virtual machines and support remote applications, containerization and batch processing.
  • Network:The web services offered by Azure include, but are not limited to, web application development and deployment services, search, API management, and content delivery services.
  • Storage:Azure offers a range of scalable cloud storage services for both structured and unstructured data. This support is available for persistent and archived storage of big data.
  • Networking:Azure virtual networkServices are offered for building dedicated connections and gateways, as well as for load balancing, traffic management, DNS hosting and network security.
  • Analyst:The range of analytics services offered by Azure includes big data analytics, real-time analytics, machine learning, IoT and data warehousing.
  • deliver content:Azure provides services for globally distributed networks for content caching, on-demand streaming services, media playback, encoding, etc.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM):The Azure IAM services ensure authorized access to the Azure network, encryption, protection of sensitive information, Azure Active Directory and so on.
  • Hybrid-Integration:Azure offers services in on-premise infrastructure in connection with Azure data centers, server backup and recovery.

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Applications from Azure

As the trend towards the cloud is unstoppable, in this section of the Azure tutorial we will look at the various applications of Azure.

  • Development:Azure helps in successful software development by assisting with code sharing, application testing, troubleshooting, software development kits, etc.
  • DevOps:Azure-DevOpsprovides a full set of tools and services for DevOps implementation, including application diagnostics, test labs for build testing, experiments, Visual Studio Team Services, and so on.
  • Machine Learning:Machine learning applications offered by Azure include those used to build powerful AI and cognitive computing models, datasets to train the models, and so on.
  • Containerization:Containerization services include the Azure platform for Docker and the Kubernetes implementation for building and orchestrating large sets of containers.
  • Internet of Things:Azure offers multiple services to collect, monitor, and analyze the IoT data coming from sensors and other devices, and then analyze and monitor problem notifications and support for successful IoT implementation.
  • IT Security:This includes identifying and responding to IT security in the cloud and managing sensitive assets and encryption keys.

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Why should you learn Azure?

Azure is growing fast and is the fastest growing cloud platform in the world. Since this is a new offering from Microsoft, we can expect the company to continue to grow at a faster pace going forward. All of this means there will be a variety of employment opportunities for professionals trained and certified in Microsoft Azure. This means that if you work through this Azure tutorial and master it, you will have a basic understanding of this powerful cloud platform, which will of course help you to speed up your workCareers in the cloud space.

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This Microsoft Azure tutorial also covers introduction to Microsoft Azure, definition of cloud computing, pros and cons of cloud computing, creating Azure virtual machines, hosting web applications on Azure platform, storing SQL and Tabular data in Azure, storage blobs, and designing a communication strategy using queues and the service bus and Azure Resource Manager.

Recommended Audience

Anyone who wants to pursue a career in cloud can go through this Azure tutorial and learn Azure in a simple but effective way. IT and software developers, system administrators, project managers and others can benefit from this Azure tutorial.

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There are no prerequisites for this Azure tutorial. If you want to learn Azure, all you need is a basic understanding of cloud concepts and you're good to go.

If you have doubts or questions about Azure, post them onAzure-Community!


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